Sakuichi Konno
Sakuichi Konno(金野策一)

He was born in 1965. He graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of International Public Policy.

(1) [Human Resource Development / Education] Established Entrepreneurship School, Attackers School, Business Breakthrough School of Management, Policy School / Ichishin Juku, Japan Policy School. Human resource development and management. Teacher at Tama University graduate school.

(2) [Artificial intelligence / advanced technology] Operates AI and blockchain advanced ventures. Developing AI and other technical human resources around the world.

(3) [Global education / international peace] Conflict to eliminate war and hunger. Operate EDO TEC GLOBAL SCHOOL such as advanced ICT in NPO in Rwanda and Syria to produce world leaders from developing countries.

(4) [Corporate Management / Venture] Previously listed company officer, venture founder, venture capital manager.

(5) Establish all the organizations involved (excluding existing universities)

(6) Engage in management in all three sectors (politics, companies, non-profit organizations).

(7) Beyond the humanities and sciences, promote “Peace Tech” that eliminates war and hunger with AI and advanced technology.